SKF Skateboard bearings

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SKF has designed these bearings specially for skateboarders as skateboarders need durability, fast acceleration and high top speed.

SKF uses the best hardened steel on the market and that guarantees these bearings can take the tough handling that skateboard riders give there bearings.

The rings and balls are constantly under pressure and get pounded with great forces from all sides when you ride.

SKF has used grease in these bearings to give low maintenance and long life. The grease captures the dirt and small particles from geting inside the bearing so it can’t  effect the balls smooth contact with the rings that the balls glide agains.

At the beginning of every ride session you need to ride for 1 or 2 minutes before friction makes the grease get warm and becomes more fluent, that is when you get maximum speed.

Best bearings on the market.

Set of 8

Made in Italy